Power of Attorney (E-POA)

Power of Attorney (E-POA)

Select Your Country

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Fill up the Details of Principal who is granting the Power of Attorney

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Add Details of Agent and Powers who do you wish to act on your behalf

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Add Effective and Termination Date, Review, and Sign

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Upload Supportive Documents

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Receive Power of Attorney Certification

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Documents Required to execute your power of attorney

  • Passport
  • Driver License
  • Resident Permit Card
  • State ID
  • Ethiopian Origin ID ( Yellow Card)
  • Military ID

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frequently asked question

From where does the agent receive the epoa?

From the ministry of foreign affairs inside the building of OLI tower.

What kind of document is required to give epoa as an ethiopian?

Ethiopian passport or Origin ID.

Is there a way for me to apply for EEPOA If I don't have an Ethiopian passport?

Yes, you can apply as a foreigner using two residence IDs like a driving license, green card or military ID

How can I put in my own power of attorney letter in the application?

Write it outside the application then you can copy the text and paste it on the given template in the application.

How to pick the power of authority after its approved ?

The agent needs the reference number and valid id

How long will it take to give someone power of authority?

24 up to 48 hrs
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